Thursday, November 26, 2015

And then the Sunrise...

Revelation 21:5b, “...Behold, I am making all things new...”

I get up fairly early in the morning. I watch the sunrise most mornings from the comfort of my chair. I sit in the corner of the living room with the middle blinds drawn, drinking my coffee and reading the news. I peek out the window and get to see the morning begin. It's a beautiful way to start the morning.

The sunrise reminds me of a few things.

One lady has a nice house, nice car, nice husband and family but struggles with self esteem, she hates herself and daily tries to balance her blessed life with her own disparaging view of herself that invades her every thought.

Another man has a good family, good friends, no financial worries. But he hates his job and going to work every day burdens him with despair and he wants to quit but he can't as he is the sole breadwinner. Other job prospects have not worked out and he is not able to quit and do anything else.

Yet another woman has a great job, new car, great house and lots of friends. But her family is falling apart due to her sham of a marriage that few know about. She is unsure what to do about it so she does nothing and stays miserable.

When the sun rises a new day unfolds and with it, new problems, or, perhaps, old problems in a new skin. The new day reminds me that life continues with all it's difficulties and stresses. And that leads me to a greater truth…

One day, one day...all these problems, all these lies, all these piles of sorrow and rivers of tears, all these songs of loss and books of our searching for meaning and significance. All of these will be made new...not destroyed but refined. Purged. Dipped in the scalding judgment of truth.

God will, one day, paint the final sunrise and creation will sigh with contentment...and so will we.

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