Thursday, January 7, 2016

Being Stupid on Facebook...

Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.”

-T.S. Eliot

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but, as we all know, sometimes other people think your opinion is stupid. Yet I am amazed at how many people, through social media, share their opinion and do so in a superfluous, ignorant way.

Perhaps it's the amount of information we are showered with in this digital age where news never stops from all corners of the globe. Maybe we feel we have to react to it all and therefore spewing our concerns or raising the alarm via facebook or twitter is the easiest way to get our point across.

But it's the way in which we do it that concerns me. We've become, in large part, a people who do not speak for ourselves anymore. We don't think through issues and read the backlogs, search through the history of things that are relevant to the concerns being raised. We become intellectually lazy and often dishonest by posting a video, posting a link, putting a quote up or linking a news story we heard somewhere that confirms what we always thought, “Aha! I knew it”

I've been just as guilty of this as anyone. But listen, as intelligent people. As people who have a belief system, if you are a follower of Christ. Do everyone a favor and read some of the issues, research the concerns you have before putting up a snide remark, a snippet of testimony, a quote removed from something you never read or listened to.

Because your not helping the idea that Christians are against intelligent arguments and conversation when your social media reflects the prowess of a group of Jr. High boys doing....well much of anything. 

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