Friday, June 9, 2017


I waited for you
for twenty-two years

My heart pulse ready
to be caught back into rhythm

All my stray insecurities
woven into a pattern of threads
forming tapestries of comfort,
telling our story
held warm, held fast, held safe.

Your story becoming mine
My worries topped with yours
to become a layered life
full of doubts and difficulties.

I've stayed with you
for sixteen years

My cracked lips ready
to be softened by the breath of yours.

All your loose fears
tied into knots firmly held
in connection with the ship
we both sail,
till the sunset dips one last time.

My story is yours
Your anxieties are swirled up
and tossed into mine
swallowed up together, as one.

The first two months
of '79
are my favorite
and most important ones.

-for Rebekah on our 16th anniversary

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