Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Brief Introduction

I've been writing since I can remember....I have journals that I wrote in all the way from junior high to college with poems, short stories, and snippets.  I have done this mostly as a fun, creative outlet, like reading, which I also have been doing for quite some time and enjoy just as much.
      I have recently decided to get more serious with my writing and one of the things suggested was to start a social media platform, hence the blog.  I will be sending off some short stories and poems to literary magazines in the coming days (yes those still exist) with the hopes of getting published.  It's a small chance, because lots and lots of people submit their work and few get published.  But a boy's gotta dream and I can start submitting now and hope that one day I will be submitting full length stories packed together in a book form and write full time.
     It could happen.  So for now, this is my platform, I will jot down half finished stories, poems and short stories as well as sermonettes and my thoughts on various issues.  Hit me up on facebook or email me, you can even comment and tell me what you think.  Remember xanga?  Back in the day people would post things with what they were reading and listening to but it quickly got gobbled up in the advances of the internet.  Well here is some insight into what I"m reading and listening to lately:

Music:  The Doors-their greatest hits.
Book:  The Man Called Cash:  The Authorized Biography by Steve Turner.

thanks for reading!

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